📜 How To Easily Transcribe A YouTube Video

Jul 30, 2019


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Let's talk about a sweet little trick for when you need to transcribe your YouTube videos.

You could hit play and write out everything you've done in a YouTube video.  It takes quite a long time to do it that way. One of the cool things that YouTube has is what's called ‘closed captioning’.  Closed captioning is the words that pop up on the screen.  YouTube is transcribing it for you - just like you see on TV.

You can go in and edit the transcription if the words are little bit wrong.  Sometimes their algorithms aren't exactly right and it doesn't pick up exactly what you're saying.  Or, you could just download all those transcriptions so that when you begin to go write your own transcriptions, you have a file to start with. It's pretty cool. Let me show you how to do it.

The first thing you want to do is go into...

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🤔 What Are You an Expert At?

Jul 14, 2019


Hey guys! 

Bill Soroka one of the Founders Stupid Easy Lasting Freedom (SELF) Founder of Notary Coach, and the Sign & Thrive training course and community.

How are you supposed to identify exactly what is your expertise? A few tips and pointers about how you can brainstorm or mind map this.

As you're going through this, start by removing the "money" filter from your mind.   We have been ingrained from a very young age to give up on our artistic hopes or our dreams because you “can’t make money doing I”.  That has been proving completely incorrect now.  Look at this through the lens of “how would I make money at this or who would pay for this”.  What we want to identify is what you're really good at and what helps bring you alive.  That's what this is really all about.  How can it be of service and value to other people.

Believe it or not there is a niche market for just about anything that...

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