Celebrate Your Victories 🎉

Sep 04, 2019


What if I told you that your life is probably filled with a lot more victories and successes than failures? Would you believe me?

You know, a lot of people don't believe that, but the truth is you're pretty amazing! Your day is likely filled with victories and success, but we tend to overlook them or completely disregard them.

Maybe for you, getting up and going to work everyday for the last 20 years to take care of your family doesn't count as a win. Maybe getting your kids off to school every day doesn't count as a victory to you. Maybe driving around all day with zero accidents on your record doesn't even cross your mind as a success.

When if we don't acknowledge or celebrate our daily victories we're at risk of stagnation and paralysis. If the only definition of success we have is giant bank accounts, the toys that come with that, keeping up with the "Joneses", or some future happening, we risk our self esteem lowering every single day that we don't actually have those...

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🚧 How To Build a Product Inside of Kajabi

Aug 30, 2019

Welcome guys! 

Today, I want to talk about how to build a product inside of Kajabi.

Now, depending on your account, you might be allowed one product, two products, three products, infinity products, depends on what account you have. I believe with the basic plan, you get three products, but let me just show you kind of how to do this.

First thing you want to do is just go over to "new product" and click that big button. Decide what kind of product you want to do. Do you want to sell a mini course? An online course? For a lot of you, it's going to be an online course. There's also Membership, a coaching program, community, or just maybe it's something outside of all of this and you want to do something on your own. Anyway, you get to decide.

Evergreen training is a type of training that comes to your student over a period of weeks. So you could say, 'I'm going to give you training, but once a week you'll get a new batch of information.' So that's what Evergreen is.

But in this...

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3 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Starting My Online Course 🍋🍎🍉

Aug 27, 2019

Hey everybody,

This Bill Soroka, (Multi-potentialite serial entrepreneur and founder of the sign and thrive notary training course and community, and the Notary Coach brand.)

I had been talking to Zion about some of the things I wish I would have known in the very beginning, and things I would've realized. And that let to me coming up with this list: the three things that I wish I would have realized earlier in this process. Because I think life would have been a lot easier, maybe a little less embarrassing with friends.... Plus I think the revenue and in the impact and the value that I brought my community would have been expedited had I known these three things.

Number One: When I first started out, I was delivering content via YouTube, but that's the medium that I chose. I was going to drive around in my car and just share my journey and share the experience of being loan signing agent and a mobile notary in Arizona. And that's exactly what I did. I just started the...

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How Everything Changed For Me 🔑

Aug 21, 2019

Hi everybody.

This is Bill Soroka, multi-potentialite and serial entrepreneur.

I spent the first half of my life until I was 37 years old, kind of spinning my wheels in business.

I floated around like a butterfly from one opportunity to another, one business to another, without really getting any kind of tangible results. In fact, I went through 26 different opportunities and business ventures with nothing. And when that last business collapsed, or should I say totally collapsed and my empire of dirt crumbled, I hit basically rock bottom.

I had nothing.

I was really super depressed. I had let down lots of people in my family. I'd let down friends that were counting on me and I felt like my biggest fear was coming into existence.

And my biggest fear was dying as this big ball of potential, that really never expressed himself, or got results, or hit that level of success, or got anything done. My biggest fear was that I would die with that song still inside me without really tapping...

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📸 How To Make A YouTube Thumbnail

Aug 16, 2019


Making Thumbnails for video posts - things to consider to help make them appealing

Making thumbnails for your youtube videos are extremely important and often times overlooked. A lot of people think you have to be a great photographer, a great editor or great graphic designer to make a great one. You don’t!  I'm neither of those things and I think my thumbnails are commanding attention - but it's taken me a while to get there. I want to bypass some of that frustration for you and show you what I've learned in making a great thumbnail.


  • Keep space open on the thumbnail where the “play” button will show. 
    • Keep your image offset to save that space.
  • Consider the background where you take the picture - a single color or simple background will help as you edit the final image later on.
  • Consider using a natural background - inside or outside. 
  • A goofy picture where you smile and possible do something with your hands can be eye catching and...
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✅ Verify Your YouTube Channel

Aug 16, 2019


Hey guys!

One of the first things you should do when you have a youtube channel is to get it verified with YouTube. It's a simple process, but a lot of people forget to do that until they make a video longer than 15 minutes and realize they can't upload it. There's some advantages to having your youtube channel verified, and it is super easy. I'm going to show you real quick. It allows for certain things like custom thumbnails, allowing you to go live, having videos longer than 15 minutes, linking to external sites, annotations, things like that. Let me show you how to do it.

This is a brand new YouTube channel that I'm doing for a band called Lochness Landline. What I want to do first is go into the Youtube Beta area. I've already signed in, and then to the YouTube Studio area - this is still in Beta.

That could change, but it's going to be pretty similar. After I'm in this area, I want to verify this. So I'm going to go over to classic. So to change our studio view over to...

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✅ Verify Kajabi Website with Your Youtube Channel

Aug 14, 2019

Hey guys,

If you're curious on how to get your website, your Kajabi website, associated with your youtube channel so that you can advertise links on your youtube channel. This video is all about that. So let me walk you through it. It's really pretty easy.

You've got to verify your website with some code so that Youtube knows that you own it, that you've verified it. And you're going to actually embed it into your website. Now, Kajabi makes this super, super easy. Let me show you.

So to verify our external site, we're going to go back to studio classic: Creator Studio Classic We're going to go to the channel, our channel that we're on, and we're going to go to advanced right here. Now the advanced area is going to show different information about this and we have an associated website area. So for this example, I've actually switched to a different account and this is a screen capture I made for the company, www.notarycoach.com. But you go to the area where you want the associated...

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🔫 Email Blast Your Blog in Kajabi

Aug 08, 2019

Before I forget, if you're curious about Kajabi, use our affiliate link HERE for a free trial. 

So now that we finished a blog post, we want to send this out as an email. And then we're going to send it on social media, but for now we're going to send this as an email post. Sometimes we call that an email blast because it hits so many different people.

So this is how we're going to do it.


  • Open up Marketing tab in a seperate tab, so that your email creation is in another tab
  • Go to Marketing / email campaigns / New Email Campaign
  • Select Email Broadcast
  • Give it an internal title (typically the same as the title)
  • Choose who you want to send to (usually it's all)
  • Copy blog transcription that you made in the previous lesson into the text area.
  • Go back to Blog preview and do a screenshot of the video image with play button
  • Go back to email tab, and upload the image you just took into the beginning of the blog
  • Add a url link to the image (Don't...
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🏝 No More Excuses- It's Time to Build the Dream!

Aug 06, 2019

Hey, this is Bill Soroka here.

Today we're going to talk about No More Excuses and really making time to build your dream business, whether that's an online course or whatever it might be. I mean, we're here, we're talking about online courses.... so that's what I'm gonna talk about. LOL

So one of the biggest "yeah-buts" that I hear as a business coach is finding the time to actually build a course. And I was right there with you. You know, I spent half my life, had tons of a business failures under my belt because I struggled to find the time and to stay consistent and stay up on things. So I totally get it. And I think one of the biggest shocks for me was realizing the world doesn't actually stop to allow time for us to build our dream business. In fact, it doesn't slow down at all.

And it's not the world's responsibility to stop or slow down and let us on the ride. We have to jump in, we have to jump in and do this. And part of that is just carving out the time every...

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✍🏽 How To Create A Blog Post in Kajabi

Aug 02, 2019



Today I want to show you how to create a blog post with the transcription that we pulled from the YouTube video. So the first thing we're going to do is go into Kajabi, and where we're gonna create our blog post.
Click on the Website tab (top left), and then go to the Blog. We're going to create a new blog post and this is where we're gonna put the transcription. 
  • Click Create (New Blog post)
  • Give it a Title
  • Copy in transcription (from last tutorial)
  • Edit the video
  • Fix any kind of formatting (ie numbering, spacing, etc)
  • Create a good sign off
  • Check URL’s (links)
  • Preview and double check how the formatting looks
Now lets embed the video we made that’s posted on youtube. Make sure the video is published and made public first! You can update the metadata in the video later if you’d like, but it’s something not to forget. 
The advantage of “embedding” the youtube video instead of just...
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