Why Do We Keep Talking About Kajabi???

Oct 08, 2019


We get asked sometimes, "Why do you guys keep bringing up the software called Kajabi?" And I'll tell you why.

It's because it's amazing. It's way cheaper than the alternatives. It does way more than we expected and it's revolutionized our business (businesses, I should say). Let me break it down for you.
But before I do, I want you to say the word Kajabi. Once you've said it, it's easy to say again. The first time I kept seeing it I was like, "I can't even say that word. It's too weird." It's really easy.
Basically it's a tool that you pay a subscription for, and it hosts your website, your landing pages, your course videos, your opt-ins, your lead magnets, your blogs, and a bunch of other stuff. But it's also a CRM to keep track of your contacts and your leads. And it's got this complete email system built in so you don't have to have any other software.
And the biggest people use it like Amy Porterfield, Brendon Burchard, Rachel Hollis, and a myriad more people.
So let's quickly talk about those elements.
Kajabi is a great place to do your website development because it's so freaking simple. They've got tons of templates and designs so that you don't have to start from scratch. I've built many websites through a lot of different programs and Kajabi is by far the easiest I've ever used. And it allows my clients to add or edit information without the need for a web designer. Plus, Kajabi prides themselves and making their website pages load really fast and provide the necessary encryption you need so that when you sell your products and offers you don't run into any problems.
If you're ever going to want to collect email addresses for potential leads and clients, so you can advertise and promote your services and offers, you're going to need a landing page with an opt in like this. Kajabi makes it super easy to set up and customize.
And if you're going to follow the get known strategy, you're going to need a place to upload blog posts on a weekly basis. Kajabi has an awesome way of doing this, and spoiler alert, once your people come to your webpage to read your blog and watch your video, they're just one or two clicks away from your offers, from what you want to sell to them.
As you know, blogs are at the very heart of the get known strategy. So if you don't already have a blog platform, just get Kajabi. It's so easy.
Next, if you send emails out regularly or going to do that, you're going to need a CRM. What's a CRM? It's a customer relationship management. It's just a fancy name for a database, like a contacts database that you're going to be able to send emails out of. So if you're going to collect people's emails, you want to advertise to them, you want to send value out to them, and if you follow the get known strategy, that's going to be on a weekly basis. Email is still the number one way in which people purchase something through an advertisement. It's 40 percent more powerful than when they're advertised to on Facebook or Instagram. So you definitely want to get people's email addresses because you're going to use it. Even if you don't use it now, you're going to use it at some point. Kajabi has an insanely easy email system for setting up that email process and even setting up automated emails that roll out based on an event coming up or when they've opted in.
Next. Anytime somebody purchases something through your site with Kajabi, whether it's a one on one consultation, a webinar, access to a community, your expertise, whatever, and online course, whatever ... Kajabi deals with the money side of everything, keeping their information and payment method private so you don't have to deal with any of that. It's all encrypted, insecure, and by the way, your customers can always use PayPal or any major credit card.
So when it comes to marketing, you're going to need a great funnel system and if you're not sure what that is, don't worry about it. Kajabi has that built in. It's basically a way of promoting your product, advertising and bringing all the leads, your potential leads, down to people that actually purchase from you. Kajabi offers an amazing layout process. With this. It's all very visual. It's super slick. It's built for this.
There's a bunch of other features in Kajabi I won't go into right now, but some of that includes teaching tools such as giving tests to your students and watching their progress.
So what I love about using Kajabi is that all of these things are in one place. You used to have to have different software for all these different parts, and now you can do it with one subscription with Kajabi.
One of the greatest things about using Kajabi is that you're not selling your products through anybody else. So you get to keep 100% of your profit. If you were to set up an online school through like Udemy, masterclass, Skillshare, they're going to take a large part of your profit plus they're going to dictate what your prices have to be. You don't want to have to do that. Kajabi keeps the control in your hands so that you have more opportunity for growth and for potential.
Even if all you want is just a blog and a great email system, Kajabi is amazing for that.
If you'd like to check it out for free for 28 days, use our affiliate link below. www.JustGetKajabi.com and you can try it out.
I'm Zion. Let me know if you have any questions.

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