Start By Giving Value

It starts with creating content chocked full of value, perfectly targeted to your audience.

Not sure what to talk about? No problem! I've got 52 topics to help you along the way, a full year's worth of ideas.

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Find a Weekly Rhythm

Whatever topics you decide on should be delivered  to your audience in an easy, predictable manner - once a week, every week.

The power behind this type of rhythm makes it easy for you to stay on schedule. Plus, it gives your audience and followers a sense of steadfastness in your message.

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Assemble Your Blog

Your video and a transcription of your video will be delivered through a blog connected to your website. Visitors to your blog will be just a click away from your offers or opt-ins.

Not sure how to start a blog? We'll show you some tips, and great recommendations to boost your creativity and help you deliver value.

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Publish and Send It

Once your blog is ready, you'll deliver a message to your followers via email and your social media platforms.

And if you need some of them set up, we will show you how. It's quite easy.

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Create Followup Posts

Lastly, you'll create three followup posts, using graphic cards, based on content from you blog. These will be scheduled out throughout the week to your social media accounts.

Every post will contain a link pointing traffic back to your blog.

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Ready To Get Started?

We have created a complete training course for implementing the Get Known Strategy, walking you through each step of the process and showing you how to streamline your social media. But if you'd rather our team to do it for you, we offer a Get Known Service as well, giving you more time for those things you enjoy doing.

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