Celebrate Your Victories 🎉

Sep 04, 2019


What if I told you that your life is probably filled with a lot more victories and successes than failures? Would you believe me?

You know, a lot of people don't believe that, but the truth is you're pretty amazing! Your day is likely filled with victories and success, but we tend to overlook them or completely disregard them.

Maybe for you, getting up and going to work everyday for the last 20 years to take care of your family doesn't count as a win. Maybe getting your kids off to school every day doesn't count as a victory to you. Maybe driving around all day with zero accidents on your record doesn't even cross your mind as a success.

When if we don't acknowledge or celebrate our daily victories we're at risk of stagnation and paralysis. If the only definition of success we have is giant bank accounts, the toys that come with that, keeping up with the "Joneses", or some future happening, we risk our self esteem lowering every single day that we don't actually have those items. In many ways this is human nature, I suppose. We constantly compare ourselves to others, and then we feel guilty if we celebrate the good stuff that happens to us.

Let's abort that mission. Let's set a new direction for ourselves, our family, our goals and our dreams. Let's let this new direction be full of celebration and esteem. To do that, we're going to first stop comparing ourselves to other people. We're going to help that process out, because I know it's way easier said than done. So we're going to help ourselves by gaining some clarity on what we really want in life.

I want you to spend some time writing out your top five goals for the next six months - to a year. Really focus on what it is that you want, not what you think should be on that list. Really spend some time on this.

Secondly, the next thing I want you to do is write out a minimum of 100 successes that you've had in your lifetime. Now start back as far as you can remember, like all the way back to grade school or earlier, and work your way all the way up to this morning. Think about everything that you've done that you can count as a success.

Now, the harder this is for you, the more powerful it's going to be. It's relatively easy for people to get 20 to 30 successes. You know, like you graduated high school, you graduated college, you got your first job. Maybe you made it to the football team, maybe you were the lead in the drama play, whatever it is. But people really have to stretch a little bit to get up into that 40 50 range. And then to hit a hundred, That's where you're really digging in deep. For most people it's not easy. But that's where the magic actually is.

Next, I want you to start an awesome jar. Every time something great or amazing happens in your life. I want you to write it down on a piece of paper and drop it in some jar of your choice. This is a practice that I just started this year and I absolutely love it. What I did is I went and I picked out this giant glass vase. I think I ended up getting it at Michael's when I was wandering around the store there for about six hours, going through every aisle. Cause that's what you do when you go to Michael's. But I also found some really cool scrapbook paper that was glittery and shiny. And now, every time something awesome goes on in my life, I write it down on one of those pieces of paper, I fold it up and I drop it in the jar.

So every time something cool happens in my life, I get to document it, celebrate it, and drop it in the jar. And it makes the room sparkle as well.

Finally, don't forget to reward yourself. Adulting isn't always rainbows and Unicorns, especially when you're a solo entrepreneur. Frankly, sometimes it sucks. There's a lot of things that we have to get done that we will not enjoy doing. Go out for a movie, take a hot bath and read a book, enjoy a nap, go for a swim. Whatever it is for you, DO that. Whatever you enjoy doing, do more of that.

All right guys, thanks for watching all the way through to the end. Now let's go celebrate!

xxx - Bill Soroka
(multi-potentialite & serial entrepreneur)


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