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Aug 08, 2019

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So now that we finished a blog post, we want to send this out as an email. And then we're going to send it on social media, but for now we're going to send this as an email post. Sometimes we call that an email blast because it hits so many different people.

So this is how we're going to do it.


  • Open up Marketing tab in a seperate tab, so that your email creation is in another tab
  • Go to Marketing / email campaigns / New Email Campaign
  • Select Email Broadcast
  • Give it an internal title (typically the same as the title)
  • Choose who you want to send to (usually it's all)
  • Copy blog transcription that you made in the previous lesson into the text area.
  • Go back to Blog preview and do a screenshot of the video image with play button
  • Go back to email tab, and upload the image you just took into the beginning of the blog
  • Add a url link to the image (Don't forget), and you can grab this from the blog post
  • Now format and edit the text, continue to preview to ensure proper formatting
  • If you want to have your logo at the top of the email you can do that in the Settings area.
  • Now add your name or signature to the bottom
  • And add any links at the bottom.
  • If you'd like to personalize the email use the Personalize button for the email to fill in the person's first name automatically
  • Proof read the whole thing
  • One more note. You should really modify your personal address that's automatically at the bottom of your email to a place where you do business. If you work from home consider setting up a PO box over a post office or UPS store.
  • Click Save
  • You can send to an email to test it, or if you're ready, send away

That's it!

xxx - Zion 🌱


Full Transcription: 

Right off the bat, we're in the blog right here, and what I advise is actually you open up your marketing area in a different tab. So leave this tab open because we're going to need it. So if you hold the control on your PC, or command on your Mac and click that button, it'll open in another tab. Another way to do it is right click and you can open a new tab. So now we're still logged in, we're just in another area.

What I want to do is I want to go into the marketing area and then under email campaigns we're going to just do an email blast. Most of you probably know how to do this, but in case you don't, this is how I do it and it's pretty effective.

First and foremost, we're going to hit email campaign and we're going to choose a name for this. So this again, we'll go back to this. How to get good Mojo going for your notary appointments was the name of this blast. So I'm going to post it here and we're going to hit save. This is just going to be one email we're sending. We're going to send to all of our email subscribers and hit save and continue. And we're going to put this the internal top, there's an internal title and a subject. Those are typically the same thing. I usually make them the same thing, but it gives you the option in case you want to name it something different internally.

Alright. Here's where we're going to type out the email. Now, currently, Kajabi is working on a new email system, so this could be very different in a few months, but for now, this is what we have.

So what I do, I keep things pretty easy. I first just go into the text and I copy all of the texts, just the text, not the code, the text. Hit enter once or twice before I start. And then I put it in there. I'm going to actually copy the entire blog in here in case nobody goes to the actual video, which is totally fine. Sometimes people don't click on the video. Now again, if you haven't done this already, if you preview your blog, you're going to see, you're going to see a preview of it. And I strongly suggest doing a screenshot of the video.

We're going to put a screenshot of our video thumbnail in our email, even though it isn't a video. Now I've already done that. And so I'm going to go over here and I'm going to select it. So I'm going to click image and upload that. We can change our screen so that we show icons and here it is right there. We're going to open that puppy and up. Okay. And this. And so now it looks like there is a video. So when people open their email, if they see this, it looks like there's an e in a video and they'll click on it and it'll go right to the blog where they can watch the video. If you do it this way, make sure you make this video a link. I have done this before. I've sent emails out to thousands of people and forgot to make this a link. Don't do my mistake.

So this is why we keep the other tab open. We're going to scroll down here and we're going to copy this blog. You can, it's nice they have a copy button and we're going to go to the image, click on it, and then click this little insert edit link. We're going to put the URL there. You don't need a title. And I usually say new window so that when they click on it, it'll open a new window. That way if they're reading this in Gmail or something, it doesn't just interrupt their whole Gmail process. It'll open it in another tab.

Hit Okay. And, uh, now we're just gonna verify that this is correct. It all looks pretty good to me. Oh, the numbering looks good. Now again, this is one of those things you want to preview to make sure that it all is good. Because it's, there are times where the formatting gets a little weird.

So, we're going to hit save and continue and we're going to preview it. Now notice in my, um, my client, which is Billy, his notary coach email already has it set up so that his logo appears before everything else, which is kind of Nice. It makes it, things look pretty professional. So now if somebody doesn't click the link, they can just read the email instead, notice that the carriage return right here didn't work. We're going to just correct that. It just says Bill Soroka founder. So we're going to go back to edit content, scroll down to the bottom and uh, put that little. If I don't hit shift, it makes a full space. Baby holds shift. When you hit enter, it'll do that, which is kind of nice.

So that is all looking really, really good. Um, the other thing as I might put an extra space right there. The other thing you could do in an email, which is really cool, is if you wanted it to, you could have it personalize this email to a person. So I could hit backspace and go in and go first name. So now what it does is when this email lands in someone's inbox, it automatically fills in their name. So if it came to me, it would say, Hi Zion, this is Bill Soroka. It makes it seem a little more personal. However, it's also a little gimmicky. Everybody knows how that works and they know it's not written specifically to them. It's up to you whether you want to use that. There's strategies on both sides of that equation, but, this is all looking really good. So are we going to keep it the way we started it with saying hi everybody.

Okay, now we're ready to send this email off. We might want to proofread it one more time. Just to make sure everything is just perfectly good.

And last but not least, there is an address at the bottom of your email. And just as a note, you don't want to put your personal address in there. So we have created a business ups mailbox actually in case anybody sins, an email or a snail mail letter. Now, by law when you send emails out to people, there are laws now in place that you have to have an address and an unsubscribed button. So make sure that that is set up. It automatically will be set up when you set up a Kajabi account. It'll ask for your address and it'll put it in there. So I suggest setting up a PO box somewhere so that you don't get, you know, people finding your personal address. Every once in a while there's crazies out there and you don't want to encounter that. So, just something to keep in mind. You can do that in the settings area. If you go into settings, you can change that address.

All right, now it's looking really, really good. We're going to hit Save and it says now, do you want to send right now or do you want to send a specific time? We are ready to send this right now so I'm going to hit confirm and it's going to send it out to 4,800 people.

All right, that is how to do it and I hope that answers your questions. Again, it's Kinda like just copying the blog into the email and creating an email out of the blog, just don't forget to put that link in there. You do not want to forget that.




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