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clarify Jul 14, 2019


Hey guys! 

Bill Soroka one of the Founders Stupid Easy Lasting Freedom (SELF) Founder of Notary Coach, and the Sign & Thrive training course and community.

How are you supposed to identify exactly what is your expertise? A few tips and pointers about how you can brainstorm or mind map this.

As you're going through this, start by removing the "money" filter from your mind.   We have been ingrained from a very young age to give up on our artistic hopes or our dreams because you “can’t make money doing I”.  That has been proving completely incorrect now.  Look at this through the lens of “how would I make money at this or who would pay for this”.  What we want to identify is what you're really good at and what helps bring you alive.  That's what this is really all about.  How can it be of service and value to other people.

Believe it or not there is a niche market for just about anything that you can think of.  I like to put thoughts out on giant paper post-its and put it all over the walls.  Zion prefers to type it into an iPad - so whatever works for you do it! You don't have to get anything fancy - do it in a notebook or whatever it is but just start jotting down some ideas to get you there.

First thing that will help you kind of identify what your expertise might be is start with your passions what are you really fired up about.  What gets you out of bed and excited in the morning - what keeps you up at night when you're exhausted and you want to go to bed but you continue doing it.  Maybe it's considered ‘just’ a hobby.  

It could be a hobby, a special interest some TV shows that you watch, books that you read, tinkering around the house or in the garage with cars trucks, planes, ceiling fans,  pens, - whatever it is that keeps you interested and engaged in life. 

What are some of the strengths that you have? Is there something that people come to you very often for advice on or do they come to you and tell you that hey you're really good at this - would you help me with this?  Or do you get asked questions about a particular topic a lot? Do others come to you for their computer programs or advice, do they come to you to help to fix their smartphone? Do they come to you when they need advice about love? 

Whatever it is, start jotting these kinds of things down and see where this goes.  The beautiful thing about this that there is no wrong answers right now.  We get we're just at the starting out process and you're tapping in to what you might want to do.  Maybe you're a school teacher that wants to find a way to enhance your reach.  Maybe you are a personal coach that wants to figure out a way to help change lives.  

This kind of activity in this exercise is going to help you get there and figure out what you want to do.  

As you're going through this and you're listening to the inner critic inside your head see, lets see if we can drown him or her out - if you're me, my inner critic is very powerful - they're going to ask you ‘who do you think you are’ or you're going to say ‘you're no expert at this’ or ‘there's thousands of people who do that and they've done it for years - what are you thinking getting into that’? 

Let's drown that out because one of the coolest stories I heard (I don't know how accurate it is) - but it really throws into perspective for you.  It's the story of Frank Abagnale - you might recognize that from the movie and the book “Catch me if you can”. Frank Abagnale was a con man who pretended to be an airline pilot.  He was cashing checks for over two million dollars in cash throughout the 60s and 70s and throughout the world.  One of the things that he did – one of cons that he pulled - is that he was a sociology professor in Utah for a very brief semester and when they asked him how he was able to teach a topic that he knew nothing about,  Sociology, his answer was ‘all I had to do was be one chapter ahead’ and then he could teach that to others.  

So as you're going through these different topics in any of a myriad different ways, topics that you could provide value or change the world, or spark that fire inside you - remember that to be an expert you only have to be one chapter ahead.

Hope that helps you out there!

- Bill 

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