🏝 No More Excuses- It's Time to Build the Dream!

Aug 06, 2019

Hey, this is Bill Soroka here. 🤗

Today we're going to talk about No More Excuses and really making time to build your dream business, whether that's an online course or whatever it might be. I mean, we're here, we're talking about online courses.... so that's what I'm gonna talk about. LOL

So one of the biggest "yeah-buts" that I hear as a business coach is finding the time to actually build a course. And I was right there with you. You know, I spent half my life, had tons of a business failures under my belt because I struggled to find the time and to stay consistent and stay up on things. So I totally get it. And I think one of the biggest shocks for me was realizing the world doesn't actually stop to allow time for us to build our dream business. In fact, it doesn't slow down at all.

And it's not the world's responsibility to stop or slow down and let us on the ride. We have to jump in, we have to jump in and do this. And part of that is just carving out the time every single day to do that. And that has been and made all the difference for me - is having a routine that implemented 'move the needle' strategies every single day.

So I'm going to give you a basic few steps to get started with this, because it's a big deal. And we'll get more into the actual routine a little later on in further videos. But right now if you're just starting out, there's a few things we've got to do.

1. Number one is let go of the idea that your circumstances are better or worse than anyone else's out there.

We all have this idea that our situation (what I call our big "buts") are bigger than everybody else's, and nobody really understands what we're going through.So we kind of use that as an excuse not to pursue our dreams. We've got to let that go.

So what we all often hear, and this might be going through your head right now, I know it certainly went through mine..  but you're saying to yourself, well, "yeah, I'd really like to build an online course, but I have kids, I have sick parents, I work two jobs"! Or, "Bill, my spouse doesn't support me"! "Bill, I've never read a book on this, I don't have any money. I don't know what to do."

But here's the thing, everyone that has ever built something amazing, all had big "buts" too. They all had those circumstances in their life.. the situations... but they did it anyway. And look how the world has benefited from some of these major companies out there. Nobody was born with the ability to do these amazing, great things. They had to learn them, they had to discipline themselves to get them done. So that's what this is all about.

2. Number two is having a compelling and powerful "why" that is going to pull you through all the hard times that you're going to face in this.

Let's just face it. Building your own business, starting your own business is not easy. There's going to be some rough days and you've got to understand how or why you are doing what you're doing. What is the impact to you, your future, your family, to the world? What are you bringing to the table that's got to be able to pull you through. Because you are going to be tired, and this thing is not going to go the way that you planned. You are going to spend money, and maybe you're going to launch your course nobody's going to sign up at first. You're going to put yourself out there and people might make fun of you. That stuff's going to happen. You've got to know what's "why" ...why you're doing this, to pull you through those times.

3. And then the third thing and the most powerful for me, especially with my story if you know anything about my story, is scheduling the time to do this every single day.

You have got to schedule your dream on a daily basis. And when I say daily basis, I mean it - seven days a week. If you try to do this Monday through Friday, just like you work your nine to five job, it's not going to go as fast or as well as you had planned. Dreams don't get weekends off. You've got to work this thing, no matter what it is. Always take action every single day. One of my favorite quotes is, "don't let the sun set without taking a bite out of your dream." That's the policy is that you want to adopt. To do this. Wake up an hour early, stay up an hour later, take lunch with your dream, whatever it is. Carve some time just for that because it matters.

The world needs your dream. It's inside of you for a reason and it needs to get out. Building an online course can help make that happen for you.

Alright guys, I'll see you next week.

- Bill


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