What Your Podcast Show Notes Should Include

Nov 17, 2021

--- Full Raw Transcription Below ---

If you're planning on having a podcast or you already manage a podcast, and you're curious about what you should have in the show notes of the podcast, this video is about that.

I'm going to show you what I do, and what I think is the most effective. I'm still learning all the time. And so when I change my process, I'm going to make another video. But for now, I want to show you what I do and the information that I think you need as the metadata for your podcast episodes.

My name is Zion Brock and I'm the founder of the Get Known Service. Basically what we do is we help content creators, either bloggers, YouTube creators, or podcasters, to just "Get Known". And we do a lot of work on the backend with preparing their information, publishing their information, repurposing content from their podcast or YouTube videos, so that they're constantly showing a presence and getting known.

If you want to check out our online course on how we do all this and the process we use, or if you are interested in our service, click below and check out our website. If you'd like to have a consultation with me, I'm, I'm offering a 15 minute free consultation and there's a link below and you can do that as well.

We also have a freebie on our website - It's a free Canva class. It's a mini course on how to use Canva So if you've ever been interested in how to use that, check it out below.

We also service several different podcasters. And this one - is her name is Dr. Angela Zechmannn, and she has a podcast called Keep The Weight Off - it's an amazing podcast. I strongly suggest checking it out.

She got set up originally using a service called Libsyn. And this is a publishing podcast service. And it's not very complicated at all. It's a great tool to use. There's a lot of great publishing podcast services, but we fill in all the information she needs for every single episode. So not only do we put in the MP3 here we upload a thumbnail that is a widescreen thumbnail and a square thumbnail. Most podcasts distributors use a square thumbnail. So you got to have that, but then there's some information we have in the show notes that we publish as well, so that when people listen to this podcast, they have information that we want to let them know about. And so that would look like this.

This is what it looks like on Apple podcast service. It has the blog, it has a description and it has a timestamps of things that we think is important that people can jump to.

At the end of it, it repeats, Hey, check out my blog here, because on the blog, actually it brings them to their website. They can listen to this podcast on their website, as well as you can actually advertise to them and have things in the banners. So let's check out what that looks like.

So this is the same podcast - Libsyn - that episode is embedded into our podcast so that people play it from here. She gets credit download in credit from that. I've got a nice, beautiful image there. And again, I've got the description, I've got the highlights or timestamps of the episode that we feel were important. And then on her website, I actually include a full raw transcription.

So her blog, here, this blog that the episode podcast has been turned into a blog, is a little bit different than what we include in the show notes of Libsyn that go out to distributors like Spotify, Audible, Casts, I Heart Radio podcast, Apple podcasts.

So let's check out what it looks like on Spotify. So here is Spotify and it's the same episode. Again, I've got a link to her blog. That's the first thing you want to do because you want people, you want to actually drive traffic traffic to her blog because that's where there's lead magnets, there's offers their services, there's products. That's very important. Then I've got the full description, same description, and then I have the same timestamps or highlights. And in here, I don't actually include the transcription of the podcast because it's already on her blog. So I don't include it there.

All right. We also create a YouTube video. It's an audio video to show people - in case people find that her podcasts through YouTube - and I use a service called RepurposeIO. It's really great for taking your audio and creating a video out of that. But in the show notes again, it's very similar.

I've got a link to her podcast. I've got the episode number and description here. This is actually a subtitle that we sometimes include because that subtile ends up being part of the thumbnail on the YouTube video. And then we have the timestamps. And the nice thing about YouTube is you can click it and it'll just jump the person listening to this, to that section of the video or the audio.

We actually include part of the raw transcription that is also on her blog. And then at the end of it, because, because YouTube has a limited amount of characters you can use for putting show notes in, we we cut it off and we say, if you want to watch the full transcription, you can click here.

I also like to include if there are sponsors for this video or this episode or this client, I like to include them there at the end on YouTube and on their blog. And then if you have any other show notes, any other resources links to other things, this happens to have our podcast service I put in there as well. So if people are interested in our service and using us, they know that we work on her podcasts.

So that's kind of how we do it. I think that that's a really great formula. I have kind of modeled this after a lot of other podcasters and it seems to work. So I just wanted to share that with you guys. If you're getting into podcasting.

Let me know if you have any questions you can email me back or type of comment below. Please follow us on YouTube. And like this video that'd be really appreciated.

All right, signing off.

I'll talk to you next week.


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