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reach video editing youtube tricks Sep 22, 2021

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You've probably seen videos from other YouTube content creators where at the very end of the video, it's going to suggest other videos on their YouTube channel. And maybe they have a really cool graphic where kind of points the things that says, Hey, check out this video, or this is my lead magnet. Those are called "End" cards. And that is something that YouTube has built into it that you can add those end cards to any of your videos on YouTube.

So if you're a content creator using YouTube, you definitely want to be utilizing those. Today's video is all about that. I'm going to walk you exactly how to do it, walk you through exactly how to do it.

My name is Zion and I am the founder of the Get Known Service.

And what I do is I use the get known strategy, which is this proven method of creating content and then repurposing it throughout the week, over and over again, little bits and bite-sized nuggets to attract clients, to attract your audience just in a natural, organic way.

It really works. If you want to check it out, our website shows you exactly the whole strategy. Check out the links below. We also have a free Canva course, as well as we offer the Get Known Service, which is what I'm the founder of, which is all about helping people do the Get Known Strategy. So they can just focus on content creation. We take care of everything else for you. So if that interests you, please check out the link below.

So let's just jump right into this video today. This is all about those end cards, and I'm going to walk you through exactly how I use them as well as a cool little splash screen. You can make in Canva to house those.

Let's get started.

So to add End cards to your videos, you first want to go into your YouTube studio.

So click over in the far, right, go to your studio. Once you're logged in, you're going to see a list of all your videos. If you click on content over here… All right, I've selected a video that I want to add some in cards to I'm in the studio area. I've selected the video - I'm in this view here where it shows I can add a description and change the, the title and the comments and all that over here on the far left, it's going to say editor, you're going to click this. And this is where you would add things like you could blur parts out. You could trim the video. You could add music or over on this last one, you can add 'end' cards or elements - you can add other types of elements as well. So since in cards are generally near the end of the video, I'm going to jump toward the end of the video.

I'll zoom in just a little bit. This is your zoom control right here. And what we're going to do is we're going to find a place to put some end cards. So in this video, Josh went and talked to the entire time. As soon as he was done, he just turned it off. And that was the end of the video. So unfortunately, we're just going to have to put end cards somewhere in the video, even though he's still talking. So we're going to go down here, click add element, and we're going to pick video. So we're going to pick a video that we want. And over here, it's going to ask us, do we want to select the most recent video we've made or allow YouTube to select it? So it's going to be best for viewer based on what they like to watch or do we have a specific video we want our viewers to look at.

So I'm going to move this off of his face and make it a little bit bigger. And I'm going to go ahead and say, let's make that best for viewer. I'll let YouTube select that. Now, once I've done that I can come down here and I can actually select how long I want the card to be. So I don't want it to go, you know, for too long, I think it allows you to go up to about 20 seconds. So I'm going to pull it down here to about 10 seconds left in the video, and then it'll start, it'll pop up and be the best video selected. Now it looks blue right here, but when people, after this is processed, it'll actually pop up a video that will be on our channel that will be best for the viewer.

All right, before I hit save to, you know, do this, I'm going to go here and I'm going to add one more element. I want to say, I want people to have a subscribe button. I'm going to click that. And it pops up my logo, which is really nice. And it'll say subscribe here, and I'm going to put it down here. So it's not in people's way. You're going to see a white box around this whole thing that just shows you the area in which you can put your element in. You can't really put it outside of that area. So we're going to just select it right there and it'll pop up and say, subscribe here. And we're going to have that come up. Let's say, it'll start about right here. And then the YouTube video will come in a little after that.

And then they'll both be on for a little bit. So we're going to click save, and you're going to notice that these kind of gray out and it'll say, oftentimes, it'll pop up a screen, say, Hey, this is going to take a little bit to process. It might not have to for this one. So we're going to go back to details and let's go look at the video and see what it looks like. You can click here and we're going to hit play. Let's just go to this part of the video and we'll hit play. (Video Plays)

So that's popped up right there. And then there's the subscribe link. Let's take a different video for example, this one I didn't add end cards to. And so we want to go ahead and add that and I want to actually add two of them to it. I'm going to jump to the end of this video here. And you're going to see that I actually added a screen to prepare for end cards and it looks like this. So I added this at the tail end of my video, and you'll probably see other YouTube videos and content creators out there that do this. And I'm going to show you in a few minutes, how to do this, but this is where I'm going to put my subscribe button. And I'm going to put a video for a free tool, which is my lead magnet. And then another place for watching another video which I'll let YouTube grab.

Now I could go in and add each card individually, or what I could do is click this and say, apply template. So I'm going to just grab a template. And I like this one here, and it's going to go ahead … and notice I've already planned for this to fit perfectly on this. So I don't have to rearrange anything. I just grab it and throw it on. And I've already told it because I've done this before that this is going to be, this is my lead magnet. So I want that there for the free tool to point to the, watch another video that can be best for viewer. And this is my subscribe button. I want them all to start about the same time. And so here is the video, if I'm scrubbing through it (video plays)

There's a little bit of white there and then these come on. So I'm gonna hit save and let that process for a little bit. And I really liked that. So how do I do that? How do you make one of these? Maybe you want to add one of these kinds of cards to the end of your video?

Well, I use Canva. So if you go into Canva and I'll have the link below, just open up Canva log in, go over here to the create design. And you're going to type in YouTube outro, select that. And then over on the left, you can close this tutorial down over on the left. You're going to see all these templates. And these are fantastic templates that you could add to the end of your videos. Using your video editor, of course, after you've downloaded this as a video and you can add this and you can customize your own, you can make your own, you can do all kinds of stuff.

So now that we've done that, how do we add the end card video to our video while you're going to open up your video editing software? So let's do that. Now. This is called ScreenFlow, which is what I use. I find it pretty easy to use. That's why I use it because I can quickly make videos like the one I'm doing right now. I like to put my end cards at the end of the video, of course, but I like to have a splash screen. So I've made this splash screen that looks like this. And I have it in an area, a folder in here that's sort of a general folder. And when the video ends, it will look like this and I can put my end cards right here. The first one is that free tool. The next one is watch another video. And this will where the subscribe button will appear. And I made this in Canva. And so it actually is a little video.

So this is how it would end up letting him, let me start a little InTransition on it. This is how the video would end. This is for a course called the Triple Threat Artist, which is another one of my courses. It's all about producing music, helping singer, songwriters, produce their music. So let me show you how this ends (Video plays).

And that's it. So the music fades out that video card comes in and this could have been static. It doesn't need to be a actual video that I just made it a little fancy with the video, but you could have just a card there, which was something I actually used to do. So this is one that I used to use for Get Known. And that was just a, it's just a card. It's the same sort of format, but this one just didn't move. It didn't have any moving objects in it. But by having that now at the end of every video, I can slap on those end cards to this, and I've already got a template that's going to make it look really nice and good and professional.

Now, if you don't have a video editing software and you don't want to learn how to do that, you don't need to worry about that. You don't need a fancy little Canva splash screen to put your end cards on it. You can just add them to the end of your video. Just try not to cover up anything important like your face or something in the background that's important to you in the video.

You can always add those in, and then you can just copy and paste that as a template and just apply it to each video. And then there's some really cool tools out there like VidIQ, which is a tool I use where you can go and batch copy and paste a ton of videos at once. And just copy. Like I like the end cards on this video. And I want to apply it to all these other videos. The problem, when you do that, of course, is that it's going to be the same timing for each one. You may have to go into each video and set the timing a little bit differently.

That's it for this week. If you got something out of this, please subscribe or send me an email back and let me know that you're appreciating this. And if you have something else you think I should make a video about, I'm always here to help.

My name is Zion and I'm signing off and check out this really cool end screen right here.

See you guys.





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