How To Use a Password Manager Tool (and make yourself hard to hack)

Sep 15, 2021

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If you're using the same password that you easily remember, for a bunch of different places where you log in, and in the back of your mind, you're thinking, this is probably not a great idea, but I'll change it later. I'll figure this out later. Let me reassure you. It is not a good idea, and you can change this problem. You can get rid of this issue right now using a password protection tool.

You should NOT be able to remember all your passwords.

That is not a good thing.

Anytime you have a lot of security, you give up a little bit of convenience and that's always a problem in the security world. Security and convenience are often inversely proportional, but I have a tool that I want to show you that I use that actually is not that hard to use. And once you've got it set up, it takes a huge amount of stress off your life for password protection.

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Without further ado, let's jump into this video. By far, my favorite password management tool is called 1Password. it's been around for quite a while. It is pretty amazing. It does a lot of different things, but this is a way of managing all your passwords. There's a desktop app, which I'll show you in a minute. There's a mobile app, which I'll show you in a minute.

And you can actually get on using the extension if you're in Chrome. I think there's one for Firefox too. You can actually click the 1Password extension and see all your passwords right here. And you can search by your favorites.

Your you can have identities, credit cards, logins, and you can just go through here. I have probably close to 800 different logins that I've collected over the last five, six years. And I have a very encrypted password just to access any of it.

Let's use 1Password to help us create an account. So I'm in Guitar Center's website. And let's say, I fill this out. When I get down here to the password, it actually suggests a password for me. And I can just use that since I have this extension within Chrome, it actually pulls this up and asks me how do I want to save this? How do you want it to make it look?

And I say, that looks great to me. I am not a robot. And it's already created a password for me. I haven't had to make one up. I haven't had to try to figure out what it exactly requires. It created one and it saved it for me. And now if I go back to my extension, I have my Guitar Center. I actually had it. Now I have two log-ins for guitar center and it's right here in front of me, which is perfect. Now I can access it anytime. I want to auto fill that password. If I go back to guitar center. All right. So that's how you create a login.

Let's say I'm somewhere where I want to, let's say this is native instruments. This is a software I use for producing music a lot. And I want to log in. I can right click in the field, click 1Password And it, most of the time it'll figure out exactly which password I'm going to need.

And right here, it created a password. I'm going to change this cause I'm making a video, but it created this real gobbledygook password for me. And all I have to do is just click it and it fills it in. And now I can log in just like that. It is so, so easy.

his takes the place of using, let's say key chain or this little screen that popped up is Chrome or Google's way of wanting to know if I want to save the password also, and I can turn that off. So I highly recommend using the extension for Chrome. And just having that in there, if you don't see it up here, but you know who you've installed it. if you click this little button here, the little puzzle, you probably have it, but it may not be showing up. Just use that pin button. It'll pin the extensions you want up here.

So this is the desktop app you can download. And it's just a way of managing all your, your passwords. You can hit the edit button down here to edit any of them. It separates all your logins between logins to websites. You can have identities. I like to keep up with all the different people like my godfather and my elderly parents and stuff like that. Keep their identities in here for their information, personal information, keep track of all that. But there's another area down here called Watchtower, which will actually look for passwords that have been used in other areas and suggest you change those so that all your passwords are very different.

And it'll show you the ones that are weak. It'll show you old ones. It'll show passwords that you've used over and over again for different sites. So I strongly suggest using these tools as well. So this is the desktop app. It's probably the most robust place to go, but oftentimes I go weeks without ever opening the desktop app because I can just use the extension in Chrome.

In fact, I think when you install the desktop app, it automatically installs the widget for this. And you can go up here and type in any of your stuff. It's always up here on your toolbar.

Another neat thing is if you have a password that you want to share with the rest of the family, you can right, click it and click share and put it in your share area and the other members in your family plan. If, when they're logged in, they'll see that login and they have access to it as well. So if you have a shared login for something, or if they need to get into your account for some reason, and they're a trusted family member, you can do it that way. And that makes it really, really nice because then you're not having to pass passwords back and forth through text and things like that.

One of the first things you want to do, if you're using 1Password on a mobile device is turn off the key chain password autofill. So click settings, scroll down here to passwords and go to auto-fill passwords and turn off the iCloud key chain. You'll see 1Password show up there. Now it'll only use your 1Password. Otherwise it kind of gets confusing when you have all these different suggestions of passwords from both your key chain and 1Password. So if we go to and we go to passwords down here, it'll open up 1Password and boom, there's the one we just created. We'll sign in using that. And it's just that easy.

As far as pricing, if you go to their website currently for just a personal membership, it's three bucks a month when it's billed annually and for family plan, it's five bucks a month. I have the family plan because I can use my godfather and my partner on this. And basically it's up to five members.

Lastly, when you sign up, they're going to send you a document that will have what's called a secret key. That secret key is absolutely necessary if anybody else installs the app. So if they try to get into your account, they not only have to have your main login and password. They have to have that secret key. So what happens is when you sign up for a 1Password account, they give you a PDF that they advise you to print out and give to, you know, emergency family members that you would say are on your emergency list in case anything ever happens to you. So it's pretty important to have this. Something to keep in mind, just one more step to security, which I really appreciate.

So that's it. This is again, the tool I would recommend. I really really advise using a password security program. If you don't use 1Password, get something else, stop using only one or two passwords for all of your logins. You are just a perfect target. You're a perfect mark for a con artist or somebody that wants to take advantage of your openness and your trust.

I see this constantly with people using (only) one password, not this program, but they're using one password for every single login and it makes them very, very vulnerable. So I strongly suggest you do not do that. Get a program like this. It's fantastic. You need it. Show your friends how to use it.

All right. This is Zion. I'm signing off.

If you got something out of this video, please send me a note back. I'd love to hear from you.

Take care guys.




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