Eliminate Distractions with iPhone's Focus Mode

Dec 02, 2021

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One of the things I am absolutely the most passionate about is the concept of focusing, of being in your zone of genius and staying there. And to do that, you need to be, you need to protect yourself from being distracted.

Now, if you're a content creator, a podcast or YouTuber blogger, or just create content, this is going to be so important. I want to teach you how you can make your phone work for you and not against you, because I guarantee, 99% of you, this is working against you. It's distracting you. It's pulling you away from your zone of genius.

The reason I'm passionate about this is because of something I struggle with. I've struggled with it for years. I have had dozens of different productivity apps trying to find a way to get very focused. And actually what changed the game for me was a book called The One Thing. I strongly recommend this. This helps you get rid of task lists, they're not really usually helping you much. And to spend the time every day figuring out what the one thing is that's going to move the needle on your business, your goals, your productivity, your whatever. But today's video is all about how we're going to use this, we're going to use 'focus modes' to customize your phone so that it works for you.

But before we get started, just a reminder, my name is Zion Brock and I'm the founder of the Get Known Service. And we service high-performance content creators, bloggers, YouTube, creators, and podcasters that are trying to get their message known so that they can do - they hire us to just concentrate on their content so they don't have to think about all the social media, their emails, their blogging, that repurposing their podcast, distribution, all that kind of stuff. That's what we're hired for. If that interests you. If you could use assistance in that, you can call me for a free 15 minute consultation below. I'd love to talk to you.

All right. So let's get into this.

I'm going to show, first show you how this works. So this is my main screen. I've got two, two pages full of apps, and you probably have noticed, again, this is for iPhone people, but the concepts still apply. You've probably noticed that over on the right, they have an app library now where they organize your apps for you. That way you can actually remove apps from your home screen and it doesn't remove them from your device. They're just hidden away in your app library and you still have access to them. I fought this for a long time because I was so confused by it. I strongly suggest embracing the change and getting into it because it actually will help clean up your life quite a bit. But that's not really the point of this video.

The point of this video is to show you something called focus modes. Before, you'd swipe down from the right. And there was a thing called do not disturb. It looked like a little moon. You can still click that and turn on, do not disturb. But if you click to the right of it, it gives you different types of what they call focus modes. And this is what we're going to talk about. So let me show you what it looks like on my end. I've created a focus mode called the Get Known Service because this is a lot of the work I do.

And now when I go back to my home screen, all I see are apps and widgets that I have customized to be on here. And I've told it to turn off notifications from certain people and certain apps. I don't allow them to notify me of anything. But, certain apps I have allowed like Slack is one of the tools I use to communicate with my team.

This really helps me hone in. I've got at the top some emails, I've got my calendar, or not my calendar. I've got a list of things I need to do that day. Actually, I should add my calendar to here, and I've got notes. I've got some apps that I use. So this is really helpful. It helps me just drill down into what I need to be doing if I'm on the road. I'm usually at my desk when I'm working, but if I'm on the road or if I'm out to lunch, I have a, a focus group just for this.

Let's look at another one. This is one music. Most of you know that I'm a musician. I teach a music production class. But I love to write songs, I love to produce music at home. And so I have an app up here that just allows me to record ideas. I've got song ideas that just goes right to a note full of ideas for songs to write. I've got Spotify for references and I've got a bunch of music apps just right there at my fingertips that I can dial into. Let's look at another one.

This one is called Paint. I like to paint pictures a lot. That's just my way of having fun in the evening. And I like to listen to stuff. So I have YouTube at the top. I've got a photo widget that shows me all these inspiring photos that I've that are going to help me make new great pictures. I've got, let's see, I've got my podcast app, I've got Spotify, I've got audible, so stuff to listen to. So this is fantastic. And with painting, it allows my favorite people to be able to contact me. I don't mind being interrupted and that we'll get into in a minute.

And then I also have one called Morning Planning, and this automatically turns on at 7:00 AM and, or actually at 5:00 AM. And then it shows a motivational quote at the top. It's got my calendar, I've got a, a list to figure out what my 'one' thing is that day. And then I've got tasks as well. And this is all just one page.

Again, none of my apps are really gone. This is just focusing in, and this allows me to just keep quiet, think, plan, meditate, and get ready for the day. So can you see how amazing this is? So, if you're interested in doing this let me give you a couple pieces of advice.

I would, first of all, figure out what focus groups you want. Make a short list. I would not have more than five because otherwise it would get overwhelming. Just start with one. Make it a focus group. I want to do this. I want to create content at 3:00 PM every day or whatever it is. And I want this focus group to just turn on by itself, which by the way, really cool and it works with Siri.

And then I want you to decide who, what your goal is for that focus group. Is it to create content? Is it to network? Is it to have fun? Is it to do a hobby? What is your goal?

Then figure out what are the apps, notifications, and people that are going to support you in that, that you want to be interrupted by if a new something comes in; maybe a new email, maybe you're waiting on requests for somebody, maybe you're networking or songwriting or whatever you're doing and you want to hear from certain people, you don't want to be block, blocking them. Figure out who those people are and make a list for that focus group.

Then when you're ready, you can watch the video below and he'll show you how to set up that focus group. And you're going to be amazed at how helpful this is, and you're going to love me even more, and you're going to hit the like button and subscribe to my YouTube channel. No…. well you can, I mean, I'd appreciate it.

I think you're going to be amazed by how helpful this is for you. Do whatever you can to help keep yourself in the zone of your genius. If it's working on certain things, if it's networking, if it's content creating, if it's solving problems, keep yourself in that zone of genius, because that is going to separate you for most people. Most people are being distracted constantly and they have no idea how to stop it.

Allow your technology to start working for you and not against you. And you're going to be a much happier person.

Step by Step walk through of how to setup Focus Mode:

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