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A Fresh, Rhythmic Approach To Social Media 🌱


Keep Reading If You Are...

- overwhelmed by all the social media platforms and apps
- not getting many likes or comments when you post videos
- seeing very slow growth in Facebook or Instagram
- still not sure if you need a Twitter account
- frustrated by a lack of online presence
- feeling behind the social technology curve
- see social media as a chore rather than fun
- experiencing terrible click through rates to your offers
- still getting asked by friends “what exactly do you do?"

Get Known is a Fresh Social Media Solution

It's like a road map for alleviating your headaches with an easy to follow methodology and toolset - so that you can complete your social media outreach in less than an hour a week.

Your random postings are killing your business.

I hate to sound harsh, but it's true. If you have no consistent strategy on releasing content and value then you're not doing it right. You must have a constant posting rhythm in place if you ever want to see growth. Our Get Known Strategy is all about consistency, and once set up, takes less than an hour a week to provide constant check-in and value.

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Your followers should become like a family.

Your message will be way more powerful when you stop just selling services, and instead create a movement. Don't just solve problems for your audience, but tap into their dreams, ambitions, goals, and lifestyle. They'll follow you anywhere when you start doing that. Our Get Known Strategy is full of strategic content and topics to choose from so you can create content and start a movement in your industry.

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They can't possibly ignore you.

Being great at what you do is only half the battle. You must get known for what you do, so YOUR name is on the tip of the tongues of your friends, followers, customers and potential customers. By continually being in front of eyeballs and earholes, you're the first person everyone thinks of when they talk about "___" (fill in the blank with your business, specialty, or service).

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"In the first two months of implementing the Get Known Strategy, my opt-ins went from around 200 a month to close to 1200."

Bill Soroka
Founder of Notary Coach

Ready To Get Started?

We have created a complete training course for implementing the Get Known Strategy, walking you through each step of the process and showing you how to streamline your social media. But if you'd rather our team to do it for you, we offer a Get Known Service as well, giving you more time for those things you enjoy doing.

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